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By taking the time to teach the correct movements, you’ll learn how to properly and safely perform common CrossFit movements. Our experienced CrossFit instructors keep you on track and ensure success. Within just a few sessions, you’ll be stronger and accomplish exercises you didn't think were possible.

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Visit with the community, meet the staff, check out the facility, get a great workout, and decide if MCF is a good fit for you. Experience our approach, ask questions, and find out how we can help get you on track to achieve your goals.

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Each 60 minute session is perfect for athletes looking to gain strength and speed for their sport, or those no longer seeing results in their current training regimen. MCF suits those who may be limited on time, or get bored with routine. Workouts are kept short, intense, and are different every day.


Welcome to Mcminnville Crossfit IMUA

McMinnville CrossFit IMUA is located in beautiful McMinnville, Oregon situated between the big city of Portland, the capital city Salem and the Oregon coast. MCF captures the family oriented culture, improving health and bettering the community. We know how to live life, be fit and have a lot of fun!

Native Hawaiian owners JP and Cyra Kloninger wanted to capture their Hawaiian culture when they opened McMinnville CrossFit. They chose the word Imua for several reasons—the best one: because it means to move forward. And that ultimately captures everything they want: it isn’t about the end result, why you do CrossFit is the amazing journey along the way! Always moving forward, achieving and creating new goals all the time. IMUA!



1245 NE Alpha Dr. Building 1A

Mcminnville OR 97128

We love having guests! If you are an out of town CrossFitter please follow the directions above to purchase your free week and just drop us an email letting us know to expect you. We don’t charge out of town CrossFitters, but if you want to buy a T-shirt or bring us one from your box, that’s cool!

We start each class off with a 5-10 minute dynamic warmup with the intention of getting your body moving and preparing for the exercises to come. Once you are warmed up, we will spend the next 10-20 minutes working on a specific strength based barbell lift (squats, push press, power cleans, etc.) After the strength portion of our workout, you will be walked through a couple more warm up movements that are more specific to the workout of the day. the last 15 to 25 minutes of the class will be set aside for the main course, the workout of the day (or WOD for short). 

Our Testimonials

What they saY

It’s a great place to make new friends that have the same fitness motivation that you do, and everyone shape or size is welcomed with warm hearts and open arms! I highly recommend this gym to anyone who would like to live a healthier lifestyle! JP and Cyra are amazing gym owners and all coaches strive for YOUR excellence!!

                                                              -Miranda M.

The wonderful community and atmosphere the Coaches and owners have built at this particular box is very welcoming and feels like family from day 1. They have cheered me on though a complete lifestyle change in fitness, fully equipping and encouraging me to go further than I ever though possible. All coaches are very knowledgeable and always willing to go above and beyond to help me achieve my next goal.

                                                                  -Crystal J.

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Meet The Owners

JP And Cyra Kloninger

From designing physical rehab programs for people who have experienced brain injuries, to helping athletes reach peak performance for a competition, there isn’t much this power couple hasn’t seen. With over 30 years of combined experience in the fitness industry, JP and Cyra have made themselves field experts in health and wellness.

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